Portrait Daniel Kündig

In the course of a coaching mandate for Park Innovaare, Kontx was assigned with the task of training a highly motivated junior employee during a short period of time for the specific tasks posed by her job in the communication department.

Daniel Kündig, CEO of Park Innvoaare offers insights from the client’s point of view regarding the benefits of Coaching-on-the-job by Kontx.

Kontx: Why did you decide for a Coaching of your junior talent?

Daniel Kündig: In our company, Coaching is an important part of personnel development. On the one hand, we expect our employees to develop their own solutions for our company., To give our employees problem-solving expertise for questions in daily business affairs is an empowerment as such. On the other hand, as a company we are interested in encouraging the further personal development of our employees. By integrating the Coachee into the agency team, a method developed by Kontx, it is possible to gain new insights towards professional questions and furthermore to generate knowledge in special fields where our company only has few expertise. In total, Coaching means the widening of knowledge and experience which serves both: the Coachee and the company.

Which expectations did you have towards the Coaching?

Help for self-help and professional as well as personal further development of our employee. Thus, we had an experienced team of communication experts aboard due to which we could count on practical state-of-the-art solutions and methods. We would like our coached employees to find new solutions through the outside view on things, to let them enhance their professional competences in an efficient, effective and personal way. Coaching does not replace experience, which is collected throughout a professional career, but it can offer some shortcuts and it does give a huge amount of confidence especially to junior talents.

Which benefit did your company gain from the Coaching?

First of all, thanks to the Coaching-on-the-job, we saved time. With the knowledge, that our young talent was intensively accompanied in daily business, we were able to fill the position in timely manner. Furthermore, a focussed expansion of knowledge in the field of communications took place which is helpful for solution-oriented approaches in our daily work. The employee is empowered to act independently, to find new solutions and to have the courage to introduce them to the team. Last but not least, Coaching is always a motivation for committed employees who want to develop themselves further.

Whom would you recommend a Coaching for young talents as an integral part of the recruiting process?

Companies, that are ready to integrate external competences into their development of business and personnel, have maintained a certain curiosity and who live a culture of openness and innovation. From our point of view, Coaching-on-the-job is especially applicable for SME’s because:

  • through the promotion of young talents, they become more attractive on the job market and gain a competitive advantage on the sales market.
  • they often have a lack of resources (especially time) in regards to internal Coaching.
  • topics of specialised fields should be developed integral and process-related, especially those who cannot be imparted by the company itself.
  • to keep up to date by letting the newly acquired skills and knowledge be implemented and thus, transmitted to the company.
  • the outside view helps, to develop oneself further and what’s more, this critic view and the knowledge from the Coaching of young talents is being carried into the company..

About Daniel Kündig
As CEO of Park Innovaare, Daniel Kündig is responsible for strategy, innovation, industry cooperation and real estate. For 10 years, the architect chaired the Swiss Society of engineers and architects SIA.

About PARK innovAARE
PARK INNOVAARE is a unique innovation center situated in close proximity to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and its state-of-the-art accelerator-based large research facilities. Here, driven by the PSI’s expertise, innovations in the fields of accelerator technology, advanced materials and processes, humans and health, and energy are transformed into marketable products and solutions. www.parkinnovaare.ch