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Challenging content and a communicative walk on the tightrope

In the course of a coaching mandate for Park Innovaare, Kontx was assigned with the task of training a highly motivated junior employee during a short period of time for the specific tasks posed by her job in the communications and marketing department. Daniel Kündig, CEO of Park Innvoaare offers insights from the client’s point of view regarding the benefits of Coaching-on-the-job by Kontx.

Social media is establishing itself as a communication and alarm system for exceptional circumstances. In the shocking hours of the Munich shooting social media turned out to play a major role. On the one hand the Munich police force was praised for its exceptional effort providing citizens with information through their social media platforms. On the other hand, it triggered a new discussion about citizen journalism taking roots on social channels. Social media under exceptional circumstances – curse or blessing?

Shops and stores are having a hard time. While e-commerce is thriving, many stores can no longer cope with the pressure coming from their online competitors. Nevertheless, instead of burying one’s head in the sand, concepts which focus on the new consumer’s behaviour should be taken into account. The beacon technology is about to develop a new opportunity.

Since more and more employees are seeking for a thorough work-life-balance demand an agreement between business and personal life, companies see it as their duty to recognize employees’ needs. Especially the market of specialists is highly competitive and forces companies to come up with innovative and modern solutions to be perceived as an attractive employer. Communication agencies like Serviceplan set a positive example and make headlines by implementing flexible work structures for their employees. This shows: A turnabout of a new working culture is in full swing.

One year after the founding of our agency we look back on a successful and exciting year. Our aspiration then and now: To support companies and brands to align their communication strategy closer within the context of their respective target groups.

Over the past years, coaching has gained more and more importance in the business world. Different elements are responsible for the increasing importance of this specific instrument of personnel development. We put the spotlight on three current and cross-industry market trends which led to this new reality.

The own homepage should always be the core piece of a company’s online presence. To implement a working desktop as well as smartphone version of a webpage is a must have nowadays. Thereby it is not only important that users can easily navigate on the page but also that users find the landing page in the first place. The buzzword here is: Search engine strategy. Using search engine strategies, companies should be found either by organic search (search engine optimization) or by paid marketing (search engine marketing). Surprisingly, many companies waste the potential of such a strategy by not defining the right keywords.

Freedom of speech doesn't come for free any longer. At least this is what Michael Robertson, the founder of Solid Opinion, aims for. Solid Opinion is a start-up that developed a software which helps to charge for comments below online articles. Robertson is sure this will generate a new income source for online media. The first examples of media charging for online comments can already be seen in the United States ("Tablet Magazine" charges two dollars a day for publishing comments).

The problem with the influence of advertising customers on editorial teams has not just been on the agenda since the most recent statements of high representatives of the media industry. From a PR perspective we ask the question: Why does the media industry condemn itself?