The task
German LED Tech (GLT) is a European manufacturer of high qualitative, sustainable and highly efficient LED tubes. For the entire industry, this pioneering technology holds a huge potential for savings. The task of Kontx Kommunikation was to initiate the subject of LED tubes and their economic advantages in Switzerland and to position GLT in the Swiss professional public as a leader for industrial solutions regarding LED tubes.

The solution
To begin with, a sound knowledge transfer towards the media was vital. As a first step, the key messages regarding LED technology were communicated. Furthermore, we positioned Stefan Svanberg as a representing face and knowledge bearer of GLT towards journalists. This way, we managed to generate numerous high qualitative interviews and specialist articles. Besides, Kontx Kommunikation also organised an expert panel. Representatives from the real estate service provider Bilfinger, EKZ Eltop as well as Stefan Svanberg formed a top-level panel. To start-off the event, each of them held a short presentation about their respective field of expertise. The journalists participating at the panel were then actively integrated into the debate of the thesis developed by Kontx Kommunikation: “Does the Swiss Economy miss out on the switchover to LED technology?”

The context
With its products and services GLT is amidst the context of the omnipresent turmoil in the energy sector, an ongoing theme for decision-makers in economy, science and society. With this in mind, Kontx developed a relevant panel which pointed its finger provokingly to the current maldevelopments in the Swiss market. To substantiate the technical expertise, we got representatives of two leading companies of the industry (Bilfinger and EKZ Eltop) on board. The specially created platform allowed us to demonstrate GLT’s key contribution within the context of current climate change issues and to kick-off a dialogue for our client that reaches much further than within this specific panel.

 GLT Panel

f.l.t.r.: Ueli Walker, EKZ Eltop, Stefan Svanberg, German LED Tech, Rino DiLena, Bilfinger Schweiz at the expert panel (27.09.2016)

Clipping Highlights

Baurundschau 2016bauRUNDSCHAU - Issue 4 - 2016


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