The task
Can I still eat fish with a safe conscience? What about overfishing of the seas and exploitation of endangered fish stocks, especially tuna? These are only some of the questions that critical consumers are increasingly asking, and they are demanding clear answers. The aim was to accompany the product launch of John West, which advertises with a sustainability promise, in the German market. It soon became clear that a pure product campaign was out of the question because overfishing is a current topic which stimulates increasingly critical views and opinions.

The solution
Along with the customer a content strategy was developed, which initially addressed large daily and weekly media in particular with the clear goal of providing the general and interested public with overriding information and facts on the subject, rather than just showcasing the product. The issues of sustainable fishing, the fishing fleet and the fish processing chain were strong and compelling thematic anchors for John West, offering potential for differentiation. John West went one step further and actively sought a dialogue with consumer organisations, NGOs and the retail sector, to broadly position the subject with a variety of interest groups in a sophisticated way.

The context
Especially in the case of sensitive issues that require explanation, of which consumers often have previous knowledge and demonstrate a critical attitude, a pure product launch appeared inadequate to communicate the issue of sustainable fishing in combination with a new product range. The goal here was to precisely analyse the context in which the various target groups are active and to derive marketing strategies aimed at the individual target groups. For this reason, intensive workshops were held together with the customer in order to take alternative paths and focus on the issue of sustainable fishing and, in addition to mere consumer communication, to involve critical intermediaries such as consumer organisations, NGOs and critical media.