The task
2013 wurde ein zentrales Informationssystem für Schweizer Architektur- und Ingenieurwettbewerbe lanciert - Konkurado. Die Plattform hat sich innert kürzester Zeit zu einer relevanten Drehscheibe für die Branche entwickelt. Allerdings ist Konkurado viel mehr als eine reine Wettbewerbsplattform. Die Seite erfüllt unter anderem eine zentrale Funktion als “Archiv des gebauten und ungebauten Wissens”. Die Aufgabe von Kontx Kommunikation war es, die Bekanntheit von Konkurado und all seinen vielfältigen Dienstleistungen zu steigern.

The solution
The functionalities of Konkurado are hard to grasp for non-specialists on this field. As a first step, it was crucial to comprehend the functionality of the platform as well as its specific advantages for architects and engineers. Therefore, we conducted qualitative interviews with renowned architectural, engineering and spatial planning offices located all over Switzerland. The insights from these interviews allowed us to work out the communicative message. In the end it resulted in a comprehensive and substantial approach towards media for specialised press as well as key contacts in daily and Sunday press. Following this general information we were able to intermediate 1-to-1 interviews with the person in charge of the foundation responsible for Konkurado.

The context
Time and knowledge are crucial factors in the world of architectural and design competitions. The increasing complexity in the Swiss competition landscape poses major challenges for the sector. With its services Konkurado offers on one hand a solution for the administrative organisation of complex competitions. On the other hand, it fulfils a market requirement of tendering companies. Furthermore, Konkurado is the one and only central data base in the Swiss competition landscape, a huge fundus of knowledge for all players of the industry as well as scientists. After a thorough analysis of the market conditions by interviewing directly involved people, Kontx Kommunikation developed relevant messages and adjusted those towards the everyday reality of the target group.