The task
Business with love and romance is booming – more and more people are looking for their partner online. Nevertheless, the profile picture is often neglected. Inspired by great success in England and the United States the first photo service for online dating came to Switzerland in the beginning of 2016. The task for Kontx was to establish this smart business idea on the Swiss market. When it comes to online dating it is crucial to define where the target group can be found. After a few scandals such as Ashley Maddison in the past, online dating appeared in a negative light which made the task challenging. It was therefore important to associate the topic positively and to carefully set up a good storytelling. Additionally, the fact that the topic online dating is treated with reserve in Switzerland had to be kept in mind. In close cooperation with the client and a precise analysis of the environment of the target groups Kontx Kommunikation was able to build up a successful communication strategy for the launch of Pep Shot. This showed that by addressing people properly the desired effect can be realized - even with a delicate topic.

The solution
First, a market analysis as well as a benchmark of possible competitors was carried out. Secondly a cluster of the main target groups was defined. Since online dating is not only popular among adults but just as much among young people, who mainly use apps and smartphones, was a challenge. It was crucial to find the exact key entry point for each target group and to define how they could be addressed in the most effective way. In close cooperation with the client a content strategy was set up to make sure the target group would be reached in their context. As a result, the main focus were the Do's and Dont's of online dating and on the innovative founder and business woman instead of highlighting the service itself.

In order to address the younger target group a blogger café was arranged. In addition, a strong cooperation over several months was set up with Toasted, an online platform especially for young people, over all digital platforms. A giveaway motivated users for an interactive participation and involvement with the brand. Furthermore, an advertising-campaign in cooperation with the dating app Blinq was implemented to cover the target group using smartphones for online dating.

To address the older target group a differentiated content strategy was set up to reach media coverage. The Pep Shot story was narrated in a special way for the lifestyle media which convinced with interesting facts about the Do's & Dont's of online dating. A separate story was set up for the business media focusing on the successful business woman building up her own company. The exclusive roadshow along with the founder introduced the story to the media and the journalists.

The context
Dating is usually not only seen as a private topic but is especially treated in a sceptical manner when it comes to online dating. This made it even more important to choose a differentiated way of finding the target groups and addressing them. As a consequence, it was necessary to consider each target group’s context in order to build op a fitting communication strategy. At the beginning the close cooperation with the client and the topic was leading the way. In conjunction a dual content strategy for the young as well as the mature target group was developed which included the target groups' very different interests and surroundings.