German LED Tech (GLT) is a European manufacturer of high qualitative, sustainable and highly efficient LED tubes. For the entire industry, this pioneering technology holds a huge potential for savings. The task of Kontx Kommunikation was to initiate the subject of LED tubes and their economic advantages in Switzerland and to position GLT in the Swiss professional public as a leader for industrial solutions regarding LED tubes.

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In 2013 the central database for Swiss architectural and engineering competitions named Konkurado was launched. The platform quickly evolved to be a relevant hub for this industry sector. However, Konkurado is much more than just a competition platform. The website serves the central function as a database of knowledge on the built and unbuilt environment. The task of Kontx Kommunikation was to raise awareness for Konkurado and all its diverse services.

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In times where skilled professionals are scarce and in consequence the bidding between companies intensifies, employers are looking out for alternatives. To assign a project externally to an agency or a freelancer might not always be the best solution. It could be advisable to hire a young professional with less experience but high potential and invest into a structured training “on the job”.

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Business with love and romance is booming – more and more people are looking for their partner online. Nevertheless, the profile picture is often neglected. Inspired by great success in England and the United States the first photo service for online dating came to Switzerland in the beginning of 2016. The task for Kontx was to establish this smart business idea on the Swiss market.

john west

Can I still eat fish with a safe conscience? What about overfishing of the seas and exploitation of endangered fish stocks, especially tuna? These are only some of the questions that critical consumers are increasingly asking, and they are demanding clear answers. The aim was to accompany the product launch of John West, which advertises with a sustainability promise, in the German market. It soon became clear that a pure product campaign was out of the question because overfishing is a current topic which stimulates increasingly critical views and opinions.


Lindt, a Swiss brand with international prominence, wanted to get the 2010 Christmas season off to a particularly special start. The campaign was to be visible beyond the country's borders including in the core target markets of France, Italy, Spain, England and Germany.

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How can the communication of a global B2B company like Barry Callebaut be standardised while taking local characteristics into consideration in order to strengthen core markets? An answer to this question needed to be found.